Friday, April 9, 2010

Why 7 Opinions?

You may wonder about the title of this weblog: 7 Opinions. Well, here’s the reason:

Seven has been symbolically used to denote completeness or infinity. I chose 7 Opinions to reflect my vision for this blog: my way of expressing my opinions completely without hesitation.

But of course, I will still have limits. I will try to avoid, as much as I can, offending or otherwise undermining other people. That can be difficult and I would like to give in advance my sincerest apology if ever you found something that is offensive, discriminatory, or hurtful in nature.

Again, I want to stress that 7 Opinions is primarily for me but I want also to share this to everybody whether you share my views or not. You can post your own opinions through comments or just let me know if you would like to post an article. You can always challenge my views but take note that although there’s no RIGHT or WRONG opinion, I believe that there is a PROPER and IMPROPER way of expressing it.

I also want to maintain the integrity and truthfulness of this blog. I want my readers to clearly see whether the information I present here is a PROVEN FACT, SPECULATION, GENERAL ASSUMPTION or JUST A MERE GUESS. I will take full responsibility to the content of 7 Opinions Blog.

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