Friday, April 9, 2010

Introducing Lerpe and the 7 Opinions Blog

You can call me “Lerpe”. I cannot expound more regarding the origin of my name but I want to make it clear that it’s not in any manner related to being a leper or leprosy.

I am a Filipino in mid twenties, single and unmarried. I am currently working for a private company. I am a Christian by faith but I recently decided to be OPEN to any religious views.

I want to keep my identity at bay. I want this blog to be part of my SECRETS. People love secrets as you may realize and I’m one of them.

My vision of this blog is to be my online briefcase of my secret opinions. I have lots of opinion on many topics but I decided to keep some of them for very personal reasons. You may consider me coward because I hide some of my views, but FEAR may not be the only reason for doing so. I decided to keep some of my opinions and viewpoints to myself to keep peace or to avoid hurting the feelings of people close to me.

Also, please take note that English is not my mother tongue so please bear with my English. If you find something confusing in my writing, don’t hesitate to clarify with me through comments or email.

You can freely express your views by commenting on posted articles. But please take note that I may force to delete comments if I found it to be either SPAM or VIOLATING the rights of others. I am a supporter of human rights but I believe that you can only practice your RIGHTS long as you do not VIOLATE other’s RIGHTS.

Lastly, this blog is primarily for ME but I also want to share it with others. I personally believe that each person has something unique to share to others.

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